March 17, 2021

Early Riser - are you in charge of your day?

morning routine hong kong

We are not talking about the 4 am club here, but waking up a bit earlier can have a huge impact on your day. Here are some benefits to waking up early and some points to help those who want to.

🟠 It gives you time

You have extra time to think before the rest of the house or the world has woken up - providing some nice quiet time to reflect, set your intentions for the day, go through your routine, or get some solid work in without being disturbed!

🟠 More Mindful

Embrace the silence, sit down practice some gratitude lists for a few minutes and be more aware of your surroundings. This will help you approach tasks with a calmer mindset.

🟠 Positive Outlook

If there's one thing for sure then not being tired in the morning will give you a healthier body and mind which means you will be less stressed and more able to cope with things that come up during the day!

🟠 More time during the day -

Surprise! Early risers are able to fit a workout in before the day’s tasks take over - and we all know how good a workout is to start the day, keeping you focused and refreshed.

What can help me wake up early?

waking up early hong kong

🟢 Get the right amount of sleep you need - 7 - 8 hrs? Do you know your optimum amount of sleep time? Experiment and find out.

🟢 Have a think about the morning you want. Visualise waking up feeling energised and starting your day on a positive note. Implement the things for ‘your perfect morning’.

🟢 Don't be a slave to the alarm. Once your alarm rings get straight out of bed.

🟢 Do some light fitness to get the blood flowing. This could be a bigger workout or something as simple as 10 squats and 10 pushups.

🟢 Set everything out the night before, in terms of clothes, to do list, bags or anything you need for the day. That way you can just wake up and you're ready to go.

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