March 22, 2021

CBD is incredibly versatile. It is taken in various ways, whether eaten as a gummy or applied as a topical. You can also infuse CBD into drinks and enjoy them at any time of the day.

There are some already CBD-infused products on the market that do include drinks. But these pre-infused drinks don’t allow you to customize your drink to your tastes. You can make CBD-infused drinks at home, and they are going to taste better and be more affordable.

But, how do you infuse your drinks with CBD? What drinks work best?

You can add CBD to any drink you want by using a tincture. There are a few steps to infuse your drink well, and then you are free to enjoy. You can add it warm and stir, or add it to a cold drink and stir until fully combined. Once the CBD is fully incorporated, you are ready to go!

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Adding CBD to a Drink

What are some drinks to which you can add CBD? It depends on when you want to add CBD to your day. Adding it to coffee and smoothies can help start your day on the right foot. You could also add CBD to a mocktail to help you unwind after your day has ended!

Which drink you add it to is entirely up to you. You have the opportunity to customize any of these drinks the way you want. You decide the serving of CBD.

Adding CBD to Coffee/Tea and Lattes

Coffee is the thing that gets most of us out of bed in the morning and ready to face the day. It is the staple of your morning routine. You know you can add CBD to your morning activities because of how versatile it is, and it will be a great addition to your stress-fighting routine.

You have decided to add CBD to your coffee but are a little unsure of how to do it. The process is relatively simple.

For black coffee, you can brew it your preferred way. You could go with a timeless method as a drip coffee maker or something fancy like a French press.

Once your coffee is brewed and still steaming, add a few drops or a millilitre of CBD oil  to your mug and stir until thoroughly combined. If you don’t stir, the oil will sit on the top and won’t infuse.

When making an infused tea, the steps are similar. Before you add the CBD oil, make sure you remove your tea bags and then stir with any sweeteners, milk, or milk substitutes you prefer.

If you want a coffee that is a little stronger, you can make your own CBD latte.

This process is a bit more involved than adding CBD to black coffee.

Start by brewing your espresso in an espresso maker of any kind. Then in a small pot, add your milk or milk substitute of choice. Heat the milk and stir over medium/low heat and add the CBD.

Stir to combine thoroughly. Once it’s steaming, add the mixture to your brewed espresso and enjoy.


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CBD Infused Smoothies

Smoothies are a healthy way to start your day. You can get servings of fruit and vegetables first thing in the morning.

Infusing your smoothie is incredibly easy.

First, you are going to put your fruits and vegetables in your blender.

Place your milk or favorite milk substitute over the other ingredients. Coconut milk is a great way to support your immune system, or almond milk will deliver the same creamy taste without lactose. If you want a thicker consistency, you can always opt for yogurt.

Once all of those are in, you can grab your CBD and drop it in. A flavoured tincture is going to work great here. It will either add a new flavour, like orange or mint or enhance the berry flavour.

Once you add everything, blend it like normal. When the consistency is what you want, pour your smoothie out of the blender and enjoy.

You can enjoy an infused smoothie as a great post-workout treat. It is going to work very differently from a topical CBD product with other active ingredients.

CBD Infused Mocktails

If you don’t want to add CBD to your morning but still want the benefits. Infusing your drinks after your daily activities is the answer for you. CBD-infused mocktails are something you can enjoy during a quiet moment by yourself or in a bath.

The steps to making these are a little more involved than with coffee or a smoothie, but a mocktail can give you all the CBD benefits in a great-tasting drink.

Just add the ingredients of your mocktail of choice to a shaker with ice. Make sure you add your CBD oil in and then close the shaker. If you are going for an Old Fashioned, an orange tincture will taste great; for a Cosmopolitan, a berry tincture will play very well with the other ingredients.

Pour the shaken drink into your glass of choice and enjoy.


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CBD Infused Drinks and You

Infused drinks bring you all the benefits of CBD that you can enjoy in a very personalized way. When you drink an infused beverage, the kind you choose is entirely up to you. You can customize the drink and the serving of CBD as much as you want.

CBD-infused drinks can help you get ready for the day. Drinking an infused coffee or smoothie helps keep you at your peak for the rest of the day. The drinks can also help you refind your center after your day’s activities.

A CBD mocktail is something you can drink every day. It can also provide a refreshing, non-alcoholic option for yourself or guests during social engagements.

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