About us

Welcome to CBD Hong Kong!

Sharing a little bit about who we are and why I launched this new exciting enterprise.


Hi Everyone, this is David,

I started CBD Hong Kong started because ultimately, I care. I care about Hong Kong, about the people and the community we all live in together. I feel passionately about the health and wellbeing of the people around us, and wanted to bring some of the best CBD brands to you. Guys and girls…what you eat and put into your body really matters! Health is Wealth 💪🏼

Having seen CBD products gain more and more traction overseas and having read for years about their multitude of benefits for all kinds of issues people have (Stress, Anxiety, Muscle and Joint discomfort, Sleeping problems etc) it was something I was keeping an eye on and eager to get involved in.

Since the Government classified CBD as a legal and non harmful substance,  I jumped at the opportunity and said “Ok let’s do this’. I am proud to parter with, and bring some of the best global CBD products into Hong Kong - For people, and of course our loving pets :)

The rising levels of stress, anxiety and trouble getting a good night's rest within HK feel like they keep hitting new highs all the time. Even doing some basic research on CBD products, what they can do and how powerful they can be in helping people makes it one of the perfect, if not essential things to incorporate into our busy lives. From Parents, the Finance Workforce to Teachers and Students etc - Hong Kong works harder than most, and this is something that can really be helpful to everyone!  

I have been involved in Health, Fitness and Wellness industry for over 12 years, hiking, running, camping, starting community initiatives etc, I am very excited to help people learn about CBD, and start this new endeavour.

If you have any questions, please send me a message, I am happy to answer any questions.

You can send me a message here on our Facebook page or

 email at: hello@cbd-hongkong.com